Shared Prosperity Funding

Shared Prosperity Fund applications are open from Monday 20 May until Friday 14 June 2025. 

We have successfully applied to the Department for Levelling Up Housing and Communities (DLUHC) for Shared Prosperity Funding (SPF) to decrease the gap in healthy life expectancy between those in the most and least deprived areas in ֱ. 

The funding will also be granted to projects and initiatives that are focused on improving the quality of life and opportunities for residents in Broadfield, West Green and Bewbush.  

This new funding scheme, for grants of up to £10,000, is open to local community groups and voluntary organisations. Project bids should directly benefit residents or community groups within Broadfield, Bewbush and West Green and focus on one or more of the following:

  • improving access to and supporting local arts, cultural, heritage and creative activities
  • increasing volunteering opportunities or social action projects 
  • capacity building and infrastructure support for residents and community groups 
  • developing community engagement schemes to support community involvement in decision making in local regeneration
  • community measures to reduce the cost of living, including through measures to improve energy efficiency and combat fuel poverty and climate change

Applications can be for funding to support a specific project related activity, an event, or items of equipment needed for a project.

Who can apply?

Registered charities, community interest companies, voluntary organisations and community groups that can meet the eligibility criteria (see requirements below) may apply for funding. We also invite proposals from organisations working together in partnership. 

We particularly welcome applications from emerging groups and organisations seeking to develop new activities in response to clearly identified local needs.

What we can fund

The Shared Prosperity Fund encourages proposals that require funding for capital and/or revenue costs. 

Funding can be given towards various direct costs or expenditure items, and for full cost recovery, providing it relates to the activity described in the application and represents value for money (including measures of social value). This includes: 

  • administration – including printing, publicity, stationery and communications
  • equipment - items required for the activity
  • premises – insurance, heating and lighting costs, and rent or hire charges for using premises such as a school or community centre
  • set-up costs – including term-limited projects, development work, special programmes and events
  • human resources – staff employment costs; volunteers’ expenses; and ֱ and development of staff, volunteers and service users
  • improvement and innovation - organisational development including project and service evaluations, reviews, suitable quality steps, research and consultations. 

Visit our Grants and funding support webpage for other sources of funding and support available

Basic eligibility requirements

To be considered for funding, groups and organisations must: 

  • be a constituted group with a management group of three plus people (these must not be related) or a Registered Charity and Limited Company or a Community Interest Company 
  • hold their own bank account (in the name of the organisation) 
  • be delivering for ֱ residents (for the activity, at least 80% of the local beneficiaries must live in ֱ) 
  • have certain organisational policies in place such as for health and safety, safeguarding, and equality and diversity covering the organisation and activity. Note: certain exemptions and special conditions may apply

Funding exclusions

We are unable to fund the following:

  • private companies
  • individuals
  • organisations with a political or partisan stance
  • religious or faith-based groups’ religious activities
  • organisations who have an income or expenditure over £6m
  • other public sector providers

Notice of outcome

We will notify you of the outcome of the application.

Funding terms and conditions

Organisations awarded funding will be required to accept the standard funding terms and conditions (or a service level agreement if required by us). Any special conditions or requirements will be notified with any formal offer. All monies will need to be spent by 31 March 2025. 

If you require assistance to apply to us for funding or would like further information or advice about applying for this funding, email